A dream come true – A promise fulfilled

One sunny day I ventured out into the garden and there on the garden table was a big ginger cat sitting under the umbrella. He was very friendly but with a white film over one eye. Each day he would return and we treated his eye and in 3 weeks it became clear again. Eventually he decided he would stay so we put a cat bed on the table for him that he would snuggle up in. We looked for his owners to no avail. As summer turned to winter we tried to coax him into the house but he was not ready so we made him a bed with his food under the front door porch until one day he decided he would venture in which did not fit well with the other 5 saved cats we had. Eventually all was settled and he slept on the couch and would venture out during the day into the garden.

We had 5 glorious years together. He would spend his evenings sitting on 2 lightware cases next to me while I worked late at night on the computer.

When he passed I made a silent promise that I would help the little ones, but it took 2 years to come to realization. During that time I met a lady who was a great animal lover and we became very good friends. With her help and the support of her significant other we managed to fulfill that promise.

Thank you all for your support!